News, 08.12.2016
Thursday, 08 December 2016 12:33
Show news from last few weeks.

Poznań - CACIB show, Poland Winner (judge E. Fengler)

"Seta" Lordsett Show And Shine once again made us proud by gaining CWC, CACIB, Poland Winner 2016, BOB and BIG II.
We are very happy with this young and charming lady. 


A very successful run of luck for Hula :)

"Hula" Merry Manky Tvix HOLD ME CLOSE, our beloved pug girl made us very happy during last few shows.
Barely 10 months old Hula has finished Polish Junior Champion and got Best In Show title. We are very proud, especially that all shows were CACIBs with large number of entries.
Tatiana, we would like to thank you so much fot this charming litlle star !

30. 10. 2016 Poznań - 1/6, JCAC, Poland Junior Winner (judge Maria Zakrzewska, PL)

13. 11. 2016 Kielce - 1/13, JCAC, JBOB, BOB (judge Alberto Vergara, IT)

19. 11. 2016 Aleksandrów Łódzki  - 1/9, JCAC, BOB JUNIOR, BOB, BIS JUNIOR - 3, BIS - 1 !!!
Judges : BOB - Grace Goodwin (GB), BIS Junior - Tamara Sarmont (BLR), BIS - Fallon Clodagh (IRL)


Złota Jesień
Thursday, 29 September 2016 20:37

Nadeszła piękna złota jesień....
Zarówno nasze szczeniaczki jak i my korzystamy z pięknych, słonecznych dni.  Oby jak najdłużej !
Zapraszamy do galerii :)


News, 9. 09. 2016
Friday, 09 September 2016 15:54

Finally some updates on our website :)
You can find them on following pages : Lordsett Champions, Our Dogs, Current litters, Planned litters

Tora and Texas babies are 3 weeks old today !
Please visit Current litters page for their latest photos. 


And some of our latest results from show rings :

CAC show, Gostynin, 27.08.2016

Merry Manky Tvix HOLD ME CLOSE - vp, BOB Puppy



CACIB show, Białystok, 3 - 4.09.2016

Merry Manky Tvix HOLD ME CLOSE -  vp, BOB Puppy


CAC show of FCI IX group, Białystok, 4. 08. 2016

Merry Manky Tvix HOLD ME CLOSE - vp, BOB Puppy, BIS Puppy IV

Mamy szczenięta !
Sunday, 21 August 2016 22:29

Mamy szczenięta !
Długo oczekiwane maluszki są już z nami :)
Zapraszamy do zakładki Aktualne Szczenięta.

Wakacyjne klimaty :)
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 09:56



News, 18. 07. 2016
Monday, 18 July 2016 09:04

Holidays ... Holidays ...
This wonderful time of sunny days and nice temperatures made us little bit lazy and our website went quiet :)
Which doesn't mean it is a quiet time at Lordsett HQ ...
Good news from show rings, few BOB winners , BOG winners and BIS winners and also few new Lordsett champions :)
Hopefully we will find some time to update our homepage with this wonderful newses.

And in the mean time we want tointroduce you our new team members :
Zigi - Zeneck and Hope daugther. She lives in Czech Republic with Pavla Firlova.
Yogi - Zeneck and Hope son, who lives with Karolina Biegun and Fuks
Hula - little pug devil, a small princess, who shakes down the block, here at Lordsett.
More info on Our dogs page.

There are also new puppy news ... :)
Ultrasounds has confirmed that Tora is in whelp and in second half of August she became a mother :)
More informations on Current litters page .

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