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    Love is in the air

    We can't wait to welcome this litter in April !

    If you are interested with puppy from our kennel, 
    please feel free to contact us.


  • xabi-in-sarajevo-!.jpg

    Xabi in Sarajevo !

    Lovely show weekend at International Dog Shows in Sarajevo. Our young "Xabi" Lordsett Xtra Ordinary made us very proud.
    2 x Best In Show Junior I, 2 x JCACIB, 3 x BOB Junior, 3 x BOB and and new
    International Junior Beauty Champion !
    Well done Dombrówka !


  • polish-top-dog-![1].jpg

    Polish Top Dog !

    Polish Top Dog 2023 FCI VIII group , perfect results Master abd Ugo !
    How nice !
    Congratulations Dominika !


  • poland-winner-2024.jpg

    Poland Winner 2024

    Poland Winner 2024 (Katowice CACIB Show)
    A really great Saturday for our team
    Lordsett The Winner Takes It All - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Poland Winner '24
    Lordsett Galway Girl - CAC, CACIB, BOS, Poland Winner'24
    Lordsett Xtra Oridinary - JCAC, JCACIB, BOB Junior, Junior Poland Winner '24


  • -xabi-healt-tests.jpg

    "Xabi" healt tests

    Good news our young boy pass all Healt tests with perfect results !
    Lordsett Xtra Ordinary - HDA, ED 0/0, Eyes clear (ECVO), Gonioscopy clear (ECVO)

  • ugo-and-sparta-new-polish-champions.jpg

    Ugo and Sparta new Polish Champions

    Lovely show day at International Dog Show in Lubin. Our team made us very proud.
    Lordsett Under Your Spell - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-2 and new Polish Champion
    Lordsett Waterloo - CAC, CACIB , BOS
    Lordsett This Is Sparta - CAC in open class and new Polish Champion
    Thank you Anna Pulikowska-Klimonda for appreciation of our dogs.


  • -raffie-top-1-english-springer-in-finland-!.jpg

    "Raffie" Top #1 English Springer in Finland !

    End of year brought us lovey news.
    Lordsett Perfect Picture finished year 2023 as Top #1 English Springer in Finland .
    That is a truly very special moments for breeder.
    I and Marcin want to send big congratulations to owner of Raffe Tarja Hovila & Tiina Salokanto.


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