• double-cacib-show-in-kielce.jpg

    Double CACIB Show in Kielce

    Mother and son weekend .
    At double CACIB Show in Kielce Ugo and Ginger had truly lovely results. And we had short relax from a home full of puppies.
    Saturday :
    Lordsett Under Your Spell - CAC, CACIB, BOB, best 6 on group
    Lordsett Galway Girl - CAC, CACIB, BOS
    Thank you judge Dinanda Mensink (NL) for lovely words about our dogs.
    Lordsett Under Your Spell - CAC, CACIB, BOS
    Lordsett Galway Girl - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-II
    Thank you Andrzej Stępiński (PL) for great results of our dogs in breed and last but not least thank you Marjo Jaakkola (FIN) for putting Ginger on group podium.


  • babies-are-coming-!.jpg

    Babies are coming !

    In October and November we are expected two lovely litters.


  • -ugo-best-in-show-ii[1].jpg

    "Ugo" Best in Show II

    We are over the moon !
    Lordsett Under Your Spell yesterday at national all breed show in Lipno won CAC, BOB, BOG and Best In Show II !
    That's my boy !
    Lordsett Rebel Girl after puppies break got CAC & BOS finishing her Champion title.


  • bravo-master-ugo.jpg

    Bravo Master & Ugo

    It was really successful weekend at CACIB show Wrocław (4000 entries)!

    Wrocław CACIB, Saturday
    Lordsett The Winner Takes It All - CACIB, BOB, BOG & Best In Show IV
    Wrocław CACIB, Sunday
    Lordsett Under Your Spell - CACIB, BOB, BOG & Best In Show III
    Lordsett Xtra Ordinary - JCAC, JCACIB, BOB Junior, short listed on finals
    Lordsett Get On Top - CAC, resCACIB

    Lordsett Galway Girl - CAC, CACIB, BOS


  • junior-world-winner-23-for-ugo-!.jpg

    Junior World Winner'23 for "Ugo " !

    At WDS in Geneva Lordsett Under Your Spell "Ugo"  made us very proud gaining title Junior World Winner'23.
    Also good day for "Wanda" Lordsett Waterloo, she won intermediate class and CAC !


  • go-girls-!.jpg

    Go Girls !

    When we had lazy Sunday girls were busy at second show in Sopot. This time IDS Poland Winner 2023 
    "Ginger" Lordsett Galway Girl won CACIB, Poland Winner '23 and finally BOB, a young "Wanda" Lordsett Waterloo won junior class and new title Junior Poland Winner '23 ! So proud of both girls !
    Perfect taking care and handling of "Ginger" was done by Dominika Wiśniewska, and "Wanda" was beautifull showed by Sara Górka. Thank you so much ladies for your help.


  • bis-iii-for-ugo-!.jpg

    BIS III for "Ugo" !

    Yesterday, we had absolutely fantastic day at IDS Cruft's Nomination in Sopot.
    Star of the day was JEUW'23, J C.I.E, PLJCh "Ugo" Lordsett Under Your Spell who won CACIB, BOB, BIG and BIS-III 
    Love this boy to the moon and back !
    Our other team members had also great result, Lordsett Galway Girl won CACIB and BOS, Lordsett Waterloo got CAC and Lordsett Why So Serious Best Junior


  • swedish-spaniel-club.jpg

    Swedish Spaniel Club

    We came back safe from lovely trip to Sweden. We had pure joy to attend at Swedish Spaniel Club show and to see around 100 entred ESS. Our dogs made us very proud, all got nice places in classes with CK and truly lovely critique. Ugo was second in juniors, Master 4th in lovely champion class, Wanda was 3th in big junior class, and Ginger 4th in fantastic champion females. ESS were judged by Mr Steve Wraith.

  • nds-gostynin.jpg

    NDS Gostynin

    At NDS in Gostynin Lordsett Under Your Spell "Ugo"  made us very proud gaining CAC, BOB, BOG and finally BIS 4 !
    "Xabi" Lordsett Xtra Ordinay got Best Minor Puppy and was short listed at BIS Minor Puppy.
    Honorable judge breed and group was Jadwiga Konkiel and BIS Anna Rajs.


  • he-did-it-!.jpg

    He did it !

    My baby boy Ugo !
    Lordsett Under Your Spell JEUW'23 & BOB Junior under breed specialist Vibe Borregaard Madsen !


  • wanda-is-international-junior-beauty-champion-!.jpg

    Wanda is International Junior Beauty Champion !

    Absolutely wonderful weekend at Croatia for Wanda & Wiola.
    Young Lordsett Waterloo
    back from Croatia with 6 x JCACIB,6 x BOB Junior, 1 x BOB, 1 x BOG and new International Junior Beauty Champion, Croatia Junior Champion !
    Well done girls !


  • polish-club-show.jpg

    Polish Club Show

    Spaniels and Water Dogs Polish Club Show - it was this kind of show which we'll remember for long time.

    Lordsett Xtra Ordinary - Best Baby, Best In Show Baby
    Lordsett Under Your Spell - JCAC, Junior Club Winner, BOB Junior, Best In Show Junior
    Lordsett Get On Top - exc.2 champion class
    Lordsett The Winner Takes It All - Club Winner, BOB and Best In Show !
    Lordsett Waterloo - JCAC, Junior Club Winner
    Lordsett Galway Girl - CAC, Club Winner, BOS, Best In Show BOS


  • 2-x-cacib-show-at-bratislava.jpg

    2 x CACIB Show at Bratislava

    Absolutely wonderful weekend at Bratislava double CACIB shows. It was so nice to meet with friends and enjoy common success.
    Thank you judges from both days for so many lovely comments about our dogs.
    Saturday, breed judge Lenka Frnčová (CZ), group judge Joao Vasco Poças (PT)
    Lordsett The Winner Takes It All - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-III
    Lordsett Under Your Spell - JCAC, JCACIB, BOB Junior
    Lordsett Galway Girl - CAC, CACIB, BOS and new International Show Champion !
    Sunday, breed judge Børge Espeland (NO), group judge Judit Beke (HU)
    Lordsett Under Your Spell - JCAC, JCACIB, BOB, BOG-III, Slovakia Junior Winner !
    Lordsett Waterloo - JCAC, JCACIB, Slovakia Junior Winner and new Slovakia Junior Champion !
    Huge congratulations Dominika Wiśniewska and Wioletta Kowalska.


  • national-show-at-pruszkow.jpg

    National Show at Pruszków

    National Show at Pruszków, and our team did perfect job !
    "Master" Lordsett The Winner Takes It All - CAC, BOB, BOG and resBest In Show !
    "Ugo" Lordsett Under Your Spell - JCAC, BOB Junior, Best In Show Junior IV and New Polish Junior Champion
    "Sparta" Lordsett This Is Sparta - CAC, BOS
    "Wanda" Lordsett Waterloo - exc. 2


  • swiebodzice-nds.jpg

    Swiebodzice NDS

    Swiebodzice at national shows turned out to be full success for "Rio" Lordsett Rio Grade - CAC, BOB, BOG, res Best In Show !
    Congratuations Ola !

  • national-dog-show-at-ndm.jpg

    National Dog show at NDM

    Such a nice day at NDS in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki.
    Our sweet "Sparta" Lordsett This Is Sparta won CAC and BOS, "Rio" Lordsett Rio Grande - CAC and best adult male - well done Aleksandra Pawłowicz.
    Star of the day was mommy boy "Ugo" Lordsett Under Your Spell who won JCAC, Best Junior, BOB and later BOG !
    I'm so proud of this youngster.
    Thank you very much judge Bogusława Szydłowicz-Polańczyk for appreciation of our dogs.


  • lithuania-3-x-cacib-shows.jpg

    Lithuania 3 x CACIB Shows

    Lithuania shows turned out to be full success for dogs from our kennel .
    Lordsett Wannabe Hero - 3 x JCAC, 3 x JCACIB, 3 x BOB Junior and new Lithuania Junior Champion
    Lordsett The Winner Takes It All - 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 2 x resBOG
    Lordsett Pina Colada - 3 x CAC, new Lithuania Champion
    Congratulations Karolina Carlevad !
    Dominika Wiśniewska thank you very much for perfect care and handling of Waldi, and huge congrats for great results with Master.
    On photo new JLTCH "Waldi" at 11,5 months with Dominika.


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